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face to facebook friends* | Face to Facebook

1.  face to facebook friend eastman leiber presser is named for dick and vivian eastman, my two lifelong best friends.  eastman studies at the timara program at oberlin college, where dick eastman graduated class of 1937.  eastman is incredibly talented at music and takes chance in his concerts and compositions that i can’t even imagine.  he’s one of the five great loves of my life.  and he’s on the oberlin bowling team.

2.  rena leonard is part of the style zone at 1139 w. sheridan road in chicago and you can book your appointment at 773 443 0966.  she also works at caribou coffee and there are days i could not wake up without her!

3.  mike castagna lives in winnetka.  i have know him for ten years–i hired him to be a props manager for a p.t.a. benefit i was directing.  i asked him for forty pink wigs.  he delivered.  the front end of a pontiac to be dropped onstage?  delivered.

4.  winston chang is a west point grad and fellow alumni of naperville north high school–GO HUSKIES!!!!
winston is an actor and a musician.  his newest album is glissando. he’s married to rebecca. and he’s president of the 10th dimension record company!

5.  kenny simon is an international supermodel, with contracts fronting gucci, calvin klein, and–oh, what?–he’s actually director of sales for black flag brands.  he lives in northfield, the town just west of winnetka.

6.  chris castino is the mom of andrea castino who went to high school with my son joseph,.  .  chris is trained as an intermediary for persons who suffer from selective  mutism.  the following website provides useful information and resources:  www.selectivemutismcenter.org/

7.  libby fischer hellman is the author of many novels, most recently “set the night on fire”. . . . her daughter did children’s theater with joseph and eastman.  her books include SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE, 2010
NICE GIRL DOES NOIR, Vol. 1- 2010 ebook
NICE GIRL DOES NOIR, vol. 2 — 2010 ebook
CHICAGO BLUES (Editor), 2007

Everything can be clicked on and bought through libby’s website (Which also has excerpts of them all):

8.  Janet Sussman is an incredibly talented actress who is performing in a chorus line with the desplaines theater beginning march 26.

9.  heather tyler is a dark haired beauty who used to live in kankakee with her husband eric. economic circumstances have required them to part–she is now living in california with family.

10.  john lafond is one of my best friends–we’ve known each other since high school!  he is married to alice lafond and they have a daughter colleen.  john works at the land of lincoln legal assistance agency.

11.  alice lafond is married to john and she is colleen’s mom.  she works at the university of illinois union and always makes sure i have a nice room when i travel to champaign-urbana!

12.  andrew pearce is a photographer and occasional bartender living in bloomington, indiana although now he concentrates on working with developmentally disabled adults.  he also worked for the british railway system and at one of the largest backpackers hostel in england. you can see more of his photography at http://closelyobserved.smugmug.com/

13.  elisabeth andrews is my stepdaughter and she is grace’s mom, which has got to be one of the greatest joys and challenges of life.  she freelances for bloom magazine and has won many journalism awards.

14.  chris redmond is joseph’s best friend (along with max henderson) and he lives and works in indianapolis.  his younger brother will, also a facebook friend of mine, is best friends with eastman.  the redmonds live about five blocks away from my house.

15.  paige grant is a diving champion who will be attending duke university in the fall.  she is the daughter of david and leslie grant, two of my closest friends in winnetka.  paige will be entering duke university in the fall. paige is also friends with eastman.

16.  peter lind is a remarkable winnetkan who works as an environmental architect.  he has risked his life to provide emergency assistance to troubled areas, including new orleans in the wake of hurricane katrina.

17.  connie yonan is a winnetkan who, among so many other volunteer jobs, works as the president of the winnetka community house woman’s board.  she raises butterflies and donates her time to teach children more about butterflies and their place in our ecosystem.  she has a book out about butterflies.

18.  susan grooters is an epidemiologist specializing in food safety issues.  she is also a gifted musician.

19.  steve sanders is the morning anchor for wgn news and has won countless journalism awards as part of his career.

20.  charlie seymour is an images and permissions expert living in winnetka.  he is also a gifted musician and musical director of the winnetka village follies.  he and i have written two books together.

21. bruce burdick works for enova financial services and is an ayn rand fan.

22. paulibus schumann is a photographer and home restorations expert in chicago.

23. do i have glamorous friends or what?? janie gibson is a graduate of new trier and university of missouri. she’s working at northwestern university’s athletic department and she’s writing a book and a blog about friendship.

24. gretchen miller newman is the editor of vino verve, a fabulous review of all things wine. you can read it at vinoverve.com!

25. max henderson is a student at depaul university. from left to right, lauren redmond, joseph presser, chris redmond, and max. the three boys have been friends forever. lauren is chris’ sister.

26. ann silberman is an events planner, spiritual healer, actress, singer and renaissance woman living in winnetka.

27. eric fields misses his wife heather who has moved back to live with her family in california because of economic difficulties. although he makes money working at a convenience store and gas station, he is a writer and an expert in retail management.

28. tom evans is a health care benefits specialist who also is committed to the reliv program of health supplements. he has two sons, one of whom is an emergency room doctor in juarez, mexico and the other of whom graduated from new trier last year.

29. tao zhang is a gifted photographer living in winnetka–you can reach him at lensworks.com and he specializes in making each picture totally personal to the event or milestone. he is originally from china and worked as a radio announcer for china’s state run radio station.

30. justin leiber is a philosophy professor at florida state university in tallahassee. he specializes in the philosophy of linguistics and he is my father.

31. k.c. leiber is a dancer and actress living in new york. she graduated from the syracuse university conservatory. she is also my sister.

32. captain reginald gholston is a west point graduate and a member of the united states army. he has twice been deployed in iraq and was part of the elite 82d airborne. he is presently stationed in savannah, georgia.

33. robbie thapa is an interior designer working for the cornerstone group. he is from kathmandu, nepal.

34. suzanne timble is a retired lawyer and banker living in winnetka with her husband scott. she went to northwestern law school at roughly the same time i did. she is like a mom to me!

35. the winnetka current is a newspaper owned by the 22d century media group. it covers winnetka and the next door neighbor town of northfield. i’m friends with an entire newspaper!!!!

36. melissa coulter works at the illinois institute for continuing legal education in springfield, illinois. she is married to her high school sweetheart bryan and has an adorable son ethan.

37. steven rahn is an attorney specializing in employment law. he lives in springfield, illinois.

38. jay schwandt is a musician and composer living in indianapolis. he is married to the actor john vessels. they are preparing to move to sanibel island where they hope to open a theater.

39. anne six knight is an attorney specializing in foreclosure and social security issues. she is the mom of allan knight who has been a good friend to eastman.

40. lynn penchar adalpe is a mother of two. she works at the winnetka community house. she is pictured here with some of her coworkers.

41. debbra groenemeyer-chuk works at the winnetka community house. she is one of the first people i met at the wch. she lives in evanston and is the mother of two. she is pictured with john who works at the wch too!

42. erin maassen is a graduate of marquette and depaul universities and she is the special programs director of the winnetka-northfield public library. when she first started her job, she once taught me to create flip flops out of duct tape and cardboard. she is incredibly inventive!

43. mrs. parhad. sorry, bronwyn parhad is head of the winnetka northfield public library’s children section. she really cares for her kids. she is a breast cancer survivor and somebody i admire very much!
44.  power hypnosis is actually marc st. camille, a hypnotherapist from chicago who has worked with me on a variety of issues, most notably my fear of flying.  he does personal life coaching and corporate work as well.  he is based out of chicago.

45 maximilian tam is a chicago engineer by day and a music video director by night. he’s newly single and absolutely adorable!

46. rebecca chang is married to winston chang. the couple lives in chicago and she works for the northern trust bank in wealth management. she is incredibly bright and beautiful. i admire her a lot.

47 marion scully is vice president of a steel stamping company. she’s been married to gerald scully forever and they have three wonderful boys, one of whom–parker–is friends with eastman!

48. gerald scully is president of the same steel stamping company marion is at. hmmm! and they have been married forever.

49 mc kato is actually winston chang. some of my friends apparently have two identities. as mc kato, he is a musician who has recently come out with the album glissando.

50 ron o’neal and i went to north central college back in the days when triceratops were all the rage. he’s considering writing a play about the facebook experience.

51. norm eliaser is director of client services at hartley data and lives with his wife and daughter. he often posts links and articles that give me a lot to think about.

52. richard lalley works for operation warm which provides winter coats for children in need. he used to be in advertising which is why he has such an amazing composure in front of the camera!

53. richard “mop” furniss is a dj in new york as well as a video curator for the museum of sex. he is about to embark on a several months venture as a celebrity performer for the norwegian cruise line. he can also be reached at www.indaloop.org/1/moptop

54 inda loop is a gorgeous black chick rapper with huge breasts and great braids. . . oh, wait, no, it’s just mop (f2fb#53) having fun with us all. damn, and i was looking forward to one of her concerts!

55. richard curtis is a genius literary agent who represents hundreds of authors, including my late grandfather fritz leiber. he has his offices in manhattan and he wrote the book “behind the bestseller”.

56 yasushi baba is a retailer living in washington heights, manhattan. he’s someone i saw nearly every week as he managed salon millenium in winnetka. i don’t get my hair done ever, but i do have a thing about a good manicure. “baba” is originally from japan.

57. vince p. is a rapper from virginia who also blogs for tila tequila. he is best known for the song “girls in da club” and he’s a graduate of west point academy. he’s pictured here with mop. vince, mop and i worked on a music video together for the song “girls in da club”.

58. john r. douglas is a new yorker originally from toronto, canada. he works for richard curtis at e-books and is a longtime editor of major books, particularly in the field of science fiction. he and his wife ginger live in manhattan.

59 lanny jones is a writer born in st. louis, missouri who now divides his time between princeton, new jersey and montana. while he is known for being an editor at people and money magazines, he is perhaps best described as the biographer of william clark. william clark and the shaping of the west is the best book on the lewis and clark expedition.

60 my fiance william clark has been dead since 1838 but his friends hardly speak of that matter. rather, they applaud mr. clark as an adventurer who opened up the western united states for our country’s expansion. he’s a botanist, astronomer, farmer, cartographer and zoologist as well.

61 joseph presser is my favorite facebook friend in a dead heat tie with his brother eastman. he is a graduate of boston university and is a documentary filmmaker and animator in new york.

62 richard michael lieberman is an attorney in san francisco who graduated class of 1985 from northwestern university school of law in chicago.

63 roberta rubin is the owner of the book stall in winnetka, one of the remaining independent bookstores in our country.

64 donna leonard is an artist in residence in saugatuck michigan. she is also intensely interested in the rights of animals. her works can be seen at www.donnaleonardart.com and in stores in the saugatuck artists community.

65 linda glaser is an activist involved in la isla foundation, working for the rights of workers in nicaragua. she is also committed to bringing the arts and humanities to her home community of grand rapids, michigan. she is pictured here with her husband and daughter.

66. fadel haowat-hallowell is a student preparing to enter dental school. he is an artist living in chicago, illinois.

67. jeffrey weber is a former marine who is now a firefighter for the chicago fire department. he also gives private instruction in motorcycle driving.

68. robin ladybird strong-robinson works at zengeler’s dry cleaners. she lives with her husband in evanston, illinois. a deeply spiritual couple, they are both often called to speak to people in a religious or recovering setting.

69. gina di sandro is an athlete and an events coordinator for the winnetka community house. she is also a member of the winnetka-northfield rotary club.

70. alyce kingsley grew up in northfield, illinois. she’s worked for zengeler’s dry cleaners for thirty two years. she is a leo, just like me!

71 bonnie bradlee works for the illinois secretary of state’s office as a cashier and processor for driver’s and motor vehicle licenses. she is getting her master’s degree in missionary administration at global university.

72 john finnegan lives and works in naperville, illinois. he married his college sweetheart leigh and they have three children.

73 tim crawford is a north central college graduate and retired from the navy. he teaches navy rotc at bloom trail high school in chicago heights, illinois. he’s handsome and available!!!!!

74 stu fast is the alter ego of steve quick. stu lives in fort collins, colorado with his inamorata kate moulton. he worked at the winnetka community house for eighteen years and he is a survivor of cancer. he is also a bassist and a dog owner.

75 steve quick worked at the community house for eighteen years. man, could he scare kids at the haunted house!!! but his email address was attached to his facebook account and so facebook won’t let him carry his own name to another account (see above) apparently, the name steve quick is forever wedded to the winnetka community house.

76 kate moulton is a new trier alum living in for collins with stu fast. or with steve quick. who knows? she’s a gorgeous blonde with an uncanny likeness to kate middleton.

77 tony kambich has always been a somewhat mysterious figure. he lives in winnetka, supports the creation of montessori schools for young children with his wife carolyn, and yet the rumor persists that he is with “the company”. . . . whenever you need help, contact me and ask me to put you in touch with him.

78 loraine hara yolles is an artist living and working in winnetka. she is a drawer/painter/photographer/sculptor and she is also the best kind of friend. . . . .the picture is actually of her dog. . .

79 yoshi maeshiro is an actor and director living in mexico city. he is a seeker and recently began a quest to understand buddhism. he is presently directing a production of “life is a dream” which will begin touring in april.

80 derrellyn yates is a realtor living in pearland, texas. she studied german at the university of houston and that’s where she met f2fb friend #30 my father justin. she’s married to aubrey (george) yates and is the mother of william.

81 aubrey (george) yates studied finance and business at the university of houston and is married to derrellyn. he is the father of william and generously opens his house to will’s friends.

82 janet maccauley is a lifelong resident of the winnetka-northfield area. she lives with her daughter megan in downtown winnetka with their two dogs. she works at the aroma cafe.

83 larry barkley is director of the barkley advisory group and does a lot of consulting. he is a member of unity church of chicago.

84 cory russ rickerson is a teacher at lowell elementary school in madison, wisconsin. she and her husband have five cats.

85 taylor jordan is a graduate of wayland academy in beaver dam, wisconsin. she is considering matriculating at columbia college in chicago.

86 fran fruit is a taste tester and professional photographer. she and her husband live in winnetka.

87 ron stein is a musician, filmmaker and karate instructor. he has spent a considerable part of his life in japan.

88 anonymous didn’t want me to use any part of our meeting in this blog. nor would he allow his name or any identifying characteristics. i have honored that request. i think he’s silly.

89 sally stearns mcquillen is a mother, a partner in her husband’s business, and a jeweler designer.

90 sally graver is a medical writer and is the mother of david graver, who is a dwarf. david works at the evanston boxing club.

91. lisa jarvis is in school to become a social worker for people dealing with addictions. she has two lovely dogs and she’s an athlete with the derby lite program in oak park. she has the GREATEST curly hair. i’m so damn envious.

92. jo caylor lives with her husband gene caylor just a few blocks away from me. she is a dancer and a choreographer although she has a day job at a law firm. she has a wicked sense of humor but she is very well grounded. people needing advice about how to run their lives should talk to her.

93 dee dee chesley has raised two wonderful sons and lives with her husband in winnetka. she volunteers at christopher house in evanston and she’s survived cancer so she knows a bit about courage.

94 diana tucker has raised kylie, shane and mac tucker with her husband pete in winnetka. she is a medical writer which means whenever there’s a new drug coming out on the market she knows everything about it. she always makes me feel like i’m a great person and i think she probably does the same for everyone else.

95 nipper castino works hard at being a cat. it might seem weird that a cat has its own facebook page but i have gotten old enough to decide that i don’t need to judge things. i was having a bad day when we met in person and that bad day got better. michelle castino operates his page.

96 susan eastman is a retired public health professional. she worked for many years for the helen keller institute and for new mexico’s public health department. she has a lovely home in paradise, otherwise known as chapel hill.
97.  julie eastman is an artist and musician living in chapel hill with her husband mike sollins.

98.  mike sollins grew up in puerto rico.  he is a retired computer whiz.  he is also a musician, playing mostly string instruments.  he lives with his wife julie eastman in chapel hill, north carolina.

99. cristina persico is a translator as well as a dance and fitness instructor.  she lives in winnetka, illinois although she originally hails from argentina.

100.  bill seymour is a retired travel industry executive living in northfield, illinois with his wife paddy.  they are both heavily involved in the village follies, a yearly benefit show which raises money for the winnetka community house.

101.  kristen poggensee is a single mom of three who works for the motorola company.  she was formerly in the restaurant business and is working on her mba at lake forest college.

102.  tommy chang works at the motorola company and runs his own makeup and health supplement business.

102 and a half!  rachel j. lee works at the motorola company and is in a relationship with tommy chang.  she is originally from the people’s republic of china.

103 dirk tussing runs the executive learning exchange and is a rotarian just like me.  he lives in chicago, illinois.

104.  bob bergman is a bag boy at grand food store in winnetka.  he lives in wilmette.

105.  jon grand is a brave man.  he has performed in a play i wrote about the treatment of japanese americans during world war 2.  the ability to get onstage when you’ve never an actor has got to be an awesome one!  he manages the book stall in winnetka, one of the remaining independent book sellers.

106.  elizabeth taylor.  well, she might be a banker in winnetka who is snubbing me everytime i send her invites or post something on her wall.  or she might be from birmingham southern college in birmingham alabama.  jury still out.

107.  laurie carver is a successful business woman and mother.  she developed the wilmette store “senses” which highlighted each of the five senses in scented candles, yummie delectables and fun musical instruments.  she has also owned an advertising agency.  i learned a lot from her about how to listen.  which is a skill not much practiced in these times. . .and is she gorgeous or what?

108.  laura resnick is a very well known romance, science fiction, fantasy and travelogue writer–authoring the esther diamond novels and the chronicles of sirkara series.  she lives in cincinnati.  she is the daughter of mike resnick who was a fellow writer and friend to my grandfather fritz leiber.  she is the model for every book cover she writes.

109.  gail marlow is the owner of roxy’s bar and restaurant in cincinnati, ohio.  she once cast eastman in a movie that unfortunately lost its financing and was not meant to be.  but our friendship is.  and me putting that jello shot on my chest and having it licked off meant nothing.

gail is tremendously devoted to her family, most notably her grandmother, whose birthday card i signed when i was with her.

110.  jeff barnes is an amazing friend.  and i am lucky to meet him in person because it’s so easy for us to have internet friendships that never have the reality.  jeff, i’m taking this hedgehog everywhere!!!!  jeff is a librarian at the west virginia university library with a specialty focused on audio visual equipment and stuff (stuff is a technical term for things i don’t understand).  he has been involved with gitta for about six years and he is a caregiver to his mother.  i admire him a lot!  here’s jeff, gitta and me and i hope we have many more reunions!

111.  rugged man lon kiefer shows his softer side when he is defender of the caregiver.  lon is an outdoorsman who loves fishing off his riverfront property in delaware.  the defender of the caregiver is a resource for nurses and general folks who have found themselves in the position of taking care of a loved one.  don’t you think that friend 110 jeff and 111 ron should get together?

112.  rita bowman is a wife, mother, caregiver to an entire community.  she is the reason my grandmother and i are in communication.  the interesting thing about rita is that she might first seem shy and a little conservative, but this sweetpea knows a thing or two about the world.  i am grateful to her always!  she recently posted this:

A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized, the laundry basket is always empty. She’s always well dressed, hair done. She never swears, behaves gracefully in all situations. She has more than enough patience to take care of her family, always has a smile on her lips, and a kind word for everyone. Post this as your status if you, too, suspect that you might be a man.

113.  quick, find lynn nguyen!  she’s so busy studying at the university of pennsylvania that i have trouble keeping up with her!  while her major is in visual studies, her minor is the all important pre-med and, in part because of her commitment to the vietnam her family left behind, she is determined to practice medicine in the third world.  this is someone to respect and applaud!  she’s pictured with her younger sister!

114.  ken kaissar is a harried, funny, neurotic, absolutely dead on funny playwright living in philadelphia with his wife who is the manager of a theater which would never put on a production of his (the laws being so prejudiced against nepotism and talent).  you will remember this name because this man will be the neil simon we treasure.  here he is asleep with his bodyguard. . .

115.  gwen patton.  this is not actually a picture of gwen.  but this is what gwen has created and it is how she can be viewed.116.  tiffany saarinen hundley.

117.  terry dason is the head of the winnetka-northfield chamber of commerce.  she is also a member of the evanston women’s club and performs in their yearly benefit show.

118.  judy wilkinson is a retired jill-of-all-trades, having worked in the medical, retail and real estate professions.  she has a wonderful background in theater and when beyonce is ready to be this fearless, she will be like judy!

119 lisa thompson is a mother from winnetka who has survived a massive stroke.  she lives with her best friend tony in chicago.

120 jim “jimmer” morski is the mathematics professor at kendall college in chicago formerly known as eastman’s math tutor.  he tutors occasionally and is involved in fantasty football.

121. steven walanka is a proud democrat who has worked in politics and law all his life.  his hobby and love is theater.

he is NOT the guy signing the autograph.

122 saint sebastian players is a theater company housed at the st. bonaventure church basement in chicago at the corner of diversey and ashland.  it has been honored as “the best theater in a basement in the universe”.

123 heidi bloom is a grant writer, development and fundraising expert at the cradle nursery in evanston.  she has lived and/or traveled to every continent (okay, forget antarctica.

124 tom nguyen is a doctor and philanthropist living in chicago.  he was born in vietnam and spent a number of years in refugee camps in vietnam and thailand.  he is on the board of rightstart4kids.

125.  phong hyunh studies marketing at college of dupage.  he is originally from vietnam.  he is an expert chef and basketball player!

126.  doug nash is an independent trader.  he and i went to junior high and high school together.  he and his family live in glencoe, illinois.

127.  carla kosak is a rising star in the pop and hip hop music scene.  she is a single mom to an adorable young payton.  i met her when i wrote and directed a short music video for the artist vince p.

128.  thomas shea bulger is a lifelong resident of the north shore.  he is often seen riding his bicycle on the streets of winnetka.  he is a retired furniture salesman.

129.  phyllis vega is a former employee of zengeler’s dry cleaners and she lives with her sister in mendota, illinois.

130.  bruce nesmith is a political science professor at coe college in cedar rapids.  his wife jane is a reporter and a adjunct professor at the college.

131 rodger gerberding is a writer, actor and artist living in council bluffs, iowa–right on the border of nebraska.  he was a friend and fan of my grandfather fritz leiber.

132.  john hill is a singer and music producer living in blue springs, missouri.  he trained at juilliard in opera but concentrates now on encouraging young artists, including these children from haiti.

133.  darrell mcclung is also known as haircut salon on facebook.  darrell purchased the only barber shop in kearney missouri and has since turned it into a center of town life.

134.  melinda morgan is darrell mcclung’s niece and she works at gino’s restaurant in kearney–right next door to darrell’s shop.  she is working on her bachelor’s degree in business.

135.  matt meek is a christian music writer and performer who gives his time to the kearney covenant church in kearney missouri

136.  connie meek is a singer and songwriter who gives her time to the kearney covenant church in kearney, missouri.  she is married to matt.

137.  lauran haran coglan is a wife and mother living in kearney, missouri.  she is the smoking hot pastor’s wife!

138.  mike coglan is the senior pastor at kearney covenant church.  he is pictured here with his wife laura and with their son ian.   ian recently graduated from north park college in chicago and will be heading for nome alaska.  he is my facebook friend too!

139.  larry pratt is a lifelong resident of kearney, missouri and has served as a member of the fire department for most of his career.  he is now the fire chief.

140.  ben gonzalez is an independent filmmaker and producer living in chicago with his family.  we originally met through gail marlow (f2fb 109) and then discovered the odd coincidence that his uncle had done my portrait.

141.  marissa durbin is ben’s wife.  she is a mother to desmond and is juggling that responsibility with working as a freelance copywriter.

142.  markie carlson gekas owns the chidren’s gift shop in northfield, illinois.  she and her husband live in winnetka.  i met her through the rotary club of winnetka-northfield of which she is a lifetime member.

143.  josh taylor lives large.  he is an expert at horse racing.  he lives and works out of chicago, but travels extensively for his business.  i met him while he was getting his master’s degree in business at roosevelt university.

144.  geoff moore is a fantastic actor.  he can take a gunshot and do a death scene that makes everybody in the front row piss their pants.  i have no idea what he does when he’s not onstage.  but he’s adorable.  i met him when he auditioned for the first play i ever wrote.  with the exception of christmas pageants, i have never done a show without him.

145.  becky hirschmann is a successful actress living in los angeles.  she has appeared numerous times on nickelodeon and on stage.

146. candice appleton vaughn is a wife and mother in calabasas outside of los angeles.  i met her at a wedding and i believe she is the coolest mom ever!

147 cathy mccormick is studying to become a master reiki healer as well as aiming to matriculate at the university of santa monica master’s in spiritual psychology program.  she is a recent transplant to manhattan beach, california and she has two children, both of whom are my facebook friends!

148. jose l. rios is a filmmaker and artist living in the korea town neighborhood of los angeles.  he derives much of his inspiration from nature and often hikes the trails and parks near the city.  i met him when he worked with my son eastman on three different movies.

149  howard smith is the man you want to talk to if you want to get right with God or with your wardrobe.  he is the former owner of trouping the colors haberdashery in winnetka and now works for the episcopal diocese of san diego, california.  i met him through rotary in winnetka.

150.  branden blinn is a filmmaker and marketer of personal empowerment programs in hollywood.  he cast eastman in a movie but it has been in production so long that eastman has outgrown the part!

151 allen colombo is a filmmaker living in los angeles with his lovely wife sarah who is a writer.  they have two children and a very happy life.  allen and i met when allen worked with eastman on the movie “the misanthrope”.

152. phototronics is a winnetka shop specializing in cameras and preserving memories.  it is owned by peter and betty skalski.

152 mitch kiesler is an investment consultant who volunteers a lot of his time to the boy scouts, to environmental causes and to the glencoe, illinois schools.  i met him when we both volunteered to help construct the winnetka children’s fair.

154.  louise berner-holmberg (woo) is a doctor practicing at the fenix clinic in homewood, illinois.  i met her when she was a singer/actress in a benefit show i wrote and directed for the winnetka schools.

155.  patrick nugent works for the illinois institute for continuing legal education, developing their programs for training lawyers.  he has worked as an actor for most of his career.

156.  chris treiber is a fitness and health trainer living and working in winnetka.  he grew up in nearby wilmette.

157.  todd stiles is a medical student at the american university of antigua college of medicine.  he lives in columbus, ohio with his family.

158.  david yonan is a violinist who serves on the faculty of columbia college in chicago.  he gives private lessons as well and often performs in and around the city.  he is a dear friend to my facebook friend elizabeth stein who sells stradivarius violins.

159.  richard gordon is a computer specialist who has also performed as an actor in professional and communtiy productions.  he was once married to my facebook friend elizabeth stein.

160.  johnny bladez’s real name is john walsh.  he lives in wilmette with his family and works at the winnetka park district.

161.  lee padgitt is an attorney living and working in winnetka.

162.  sandy kolkey is an advertising executive in chicago.  he is a twin and he is married to lisa who is also a twin.  sandy and lisa have two children, but they are not twins.

163.  stephanie hurovitz is a professional stage manager living and working in chicago.  she is a private tap dancer, which is to say that she tap dances for her own amusement and does not generally share that aspect of her life with others.

164.  carole smith is the first ex-wife of my ex-husband stephen presser.  carole is a writer and freelance editor.  she collects nineteenth and early twentieth century hand painted ceramic tiles.  she lives six blocks from my house.

165.  phil hoza is a vietnam veteran and the owner of bratschi plumbing in winnetka.  he and his wife lucy have raised their children in town.

166.  john gion is a costume designer and collector living in milwaukee.  he is also a caregiver for his elderly father.

167.  meg kafalas is my cousin and she owns pippa’s papers a purveyor of fine stationery and personalized items in providence, rhode island.  she is married to john kafalas.

168.  mary mcmanus is a volunteer for rotary and polio related causes.  she is also a designer of spiritually oriented greeting cards.  although she suffers from post polio syndrome, she has run the boston marathon.

169.  steve ware is a survivor of three car accidents in which he was a passenger and one accident in which he was hit as a pedestrian by a car.  he is a camera operator for jerseylicious as well as an independent filmmaker.  he lives in brooklyn.  he has the best profile picture ever!

170.  carol hansen is a wife, mother, grandmother, volunteer and fashion designer and collector living in winnetka.  her other name is cinderella.

171.  todd stephens is a lawyer in winnetka.  he has lived here all his life and he and his wife have raised their two children here.

172.  kristen jasinski is a real estate developer and construction manger living in glencoe with her husband and business partner wesley.  they have two daughters.  their devotion to the works of greta kempton is part of their general appreciation of fine artwork.  kristen is a fellow rotarian!

173.  rusty hernandez is the former executive director of the bailiwick theater of chicago.  he lives in barrington and runs a retail home design firm.  he has three children and lives with his partner jeff.

174.  maddie mccormick is a student at ucla, studying psychology with a minor in film studies.  she’s going to be an actress!

175.  ryan mccormick is maddie’s brother.  he is a graduate of a leadership camp in colorado and is now finishing high school in manhattan beach, california.  he is aces at the electric guitar and is probably going to attend a conservatory to continue his studies.

176.  will redmond is a graduate of new trier high school and is my younger son eastman’s best friend.  he’ll attend the university of oregon in the fall and i predict he will end up in sports management.

177.  balbinka kamila (korniekowski) is multitalented–she’s an actress, a director, and she’s even worked at the european parliament.  she’s originally from krakow, poland and she now calls hollywood home.

178.  josh garfinkel graduated from the university of michigan law school and has devoted the past year to working as a public interest attorney for bet tzedek legal services (the house of justice) in los angeles.

179.  brian brethauer is a science fiction and comic book afficianado living in idaho.  he has gone to san diego comicon every year for a decade, driving nearly eighteen hours each way to get there.

180.  andru clarke is a botanist and accountant living in san diego.

181.  john howard is an actor and insurance agent living in glenview, illinois.   he’s active in his church along with his wife who holds the position of senior warden.

182.  chris johnson is an actor, entrepreneur, and part-time minister living in winnetka with his wife nancy and their children.  my son eastman once rammed his car into a tree on their property and chris forgave him.  what a guy!

183.  deb seymour is a psychologist, wife and mother living in colorado.  she is the brother of f2fb friend # 20 charles seymour and the daughter of mr. one hundred billy seymour.  however, she and i have a lot of facebook and other than facebook friends in common.

184.  becky (rebecca) cohen is a wife, mother, and artist living in winnetka.  she has three grown children and is lucky with two grandchildren.  she tends the yard outside her house with indigenous prairie plants which requires a lot of work!  she was my first friend when i came to winnetka.

185.  michael s barth is a forestry expert who lives with his family in northbrook, illinois after spending a number of years in santa cruz, california.

186.  sonali srinath works at abbott labs in greyslake, illinois.  she is the mother of three daughters, stepmother to two girls and a newlywed.  she is originally from india.

*when i figure out how better to embed photographs and when i catch up to writing about each friend, i’ll feel a lot better. this is a work in progress!


9 Responses to face to facebook friends*

  1. Valdinei D Paula says:


  2. Hello Arlyn, completely well?

    I am a Brazilian … thousand pardons! I do not speak English .. I am using translator on line…

    that you are successful in this his intention of knowing all his ‘friends’ of the Facebook!

    he would like being one of his friends!

    great embrace.

  3. Max D says:

    Hey Arlynn,

    I think this is about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard someone decide to do. I love traveling, and this is such an amazing way to go meet people and see places you never dreamed of! Hope you are successful!

    Best Wishes

  4. MIchael Wiczer says:

    What wonderfull vacations!
    When in Brazil don’t miss:
    1-Carnival (Rio and Northeast)
    2_Ariau towers hotel
    3-Jericoacara (tha’s in Ceara)
    4-the people
    Have fun!

  5. Viviane says:

    Eu adorei a tua idéia !! Espero que esta experiência seja enriquecedora…Genial!!! Abçs Vivi

  6. Reggie says:

    Hey, yep…this is pretty awesome.

    • the whole project is pretty awesome. i’m having a rough time. i’m having a wonderful time. i’m having a strange time. persuade scruggs that if we came down to skydive all he has to do is show up!

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